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Car Respraying: 5 Facts You Need to Know About Paintwork

Have you been thinking about getting your car resprayed in Malvern? Maybe you want to update the colour, or you’ve got some extensive paintwork damage you want corrected. Whatever the case may be, here are five things to keep in mind when getting your car resprayed.

1. Respraying is not a DIY job

Even if you’re great with cars, you should always leave respraying to the professionals. You need an appropriate space to work, quality spraying equipment, safety gear, and the right technique to get a flawless finish.

Health and safety is a major factor in the car respraying process. The chemicals involved are extremely hazardous and airborne paint particles can do serious damage.

2. Do your research

Just as you would with any investment, it’s best to do your research to find the best local garage for the job. Car respraying can cost anywhere from £1000 for a standard car to over £10,000 if you have a luxury or vintage model in need of extensive restoration.

Check out the garage, workspace, and previous projects to make sure you’re trusting the right team for the job.

3. Scratches, chips & car dents need to be removed

A full car respray needs to be done on a flat, smooth surface for the best results. If your car has scratches, chips, or dents, this will need to be removed before you can get it resprayed.

All of this may add to the price, but it’s worth it to get that flawless, just-drove-off-the-lot final result.

4. Masking & prep are crucial

You’ll see from our gallery photos that a lot of work goes into prepping and masking cars ready to be sprayed. Any parts left uncovered will get paint on them, and the last thing you want are flecks of paint on your windows or trim.

It takes time prepping cars, which factors into the cost, but this is a crucial step to get the best results. Any errors would be time consuming and expensive to correct after the fact.

5. There are eight steps in the car respraying process

Once the car is scratch and dent-free, there are eight different steps in the respraying process, each of which needs to be diligently carried out to the highest standards:

  • Choosing the paint colour
  • Stripping the original colour
  • Etch priming
  • Rubbing down with fine sandpaper
  • Applying the topcoat and lacquer
  • Rubbing down
  • Buffing
  • Polishing

Get your car resprayed in Malvern

The end result is a fantastic car that looks brand new in any colour you’d like. If you’re ready to get your car resprayed, call our team today and we’ll arrange a free quote: 01684 566 500


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